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    ترجمة لوصف بسيط من جوجل: البرنامج يوفر جميع الأدوات اللازمة للمراقبة والتحكم بأنظمة التشغيل والخدمات العامة.

    ZOHO ManageEngine FacilitiesDesk v6.5.0 Build 6502

    Year / Release Date: 2011

    Version: v6.5.0 Build 6502

    Developer: ZOHO Corp.

    Bit depth: 32bit

    System requirements:

    Supervisor Logins / Processor Type / Processor Speed / RAM / Free Hard Disk

    5-20 / Intel Core Duo / 1.7 GHz / 1GB / 20GB

    20-50 / 3.4 GHz / 2GB / 40GB

    50-100 / 2 * 3.4 GHz / 4GB / 40GB

    100-200 / 4 * 3.4 GHz / 4GB / 80GB

    Platform: Windows: Windows 2000 + SP4; 2000 Server / Pro; Server 2003; Server 2008; XP Pro; Vista; W7

    Linux: Red Hat Linux 7.2 and above Linux Debian 3.0

    Compatibility with Vista: complete

    Compatible with Windows 7 full time

    Language: English + Russian

    Medicine: Present

    Description: Facilities Desk - means of automation control systems and computer maintenance. It provides all the tools necessary for the formation of a full-fledged operating system places control and general services.

    It is an integrated solution for the management of working areas, assets and services, procurement and contracts. The product allows you to plan and manage the introduction of new services into operation, reshuffling within the company, etc.

    It offers customizable and available tools for a variety of activities: health care, hospitality, entertainment, plan working space, real estate transactions, etc.

    Property Management:

    Visualization locations organization, its divisions and affiliates, providing information about the objects of property and leasing used areas and rooms. Intuitive graphs and reports provide a clear picture of the current use of the area and help to organize efficient management. The detailed information about the rental contracts and private property.

    Manage customer service system:

    Full control execution of client requests. Quick analysis of incoming requests grouping by value and automatically sent to the persons responsible for the performance of the organization.

    Resource Management and Asset:

    Transparent asset management system that allows you to monitor the state of their use for temporary periods, to monitor changes in their location, etc


    ManageEngine announced product end-of-life for Facilities Desk. It will not be available for purchase or active support. If you have any questions regarding the transition, please do not hesitate to contact .

    FacilitiesDesk will not be available for purchase or active support after January 1, 2012

    x32 Bit System




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