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    ZOHO ManageEngine OpManager Pro v11.4.11400

    Year: 2014
    Version: v11.4.11400
    Developer: ZOHO Corp.
    Platform: Windows: 2003 Server, Vista, 2000 professional + SP4, XP Professional, W7 x86-x64
    Compatible with W7: yes
    System requirements

    Language: English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, German.
    Medicine: Present
    Description: ManageEngine OpManager - an affordable, easy installation and use, network, system, application software controls. This is a real alternative to expensive, large and complex network management system, which offers us the market.
    Specialized functional control server, router, switch and printer
    Excellent program for managing and troubleshooting
    Built-in reports and graphs for CPU, memory, disk, and interface statistics

    PHP Code:

    Comprehensive control of the router and switch
    Server Monitoring and Service
    Monitoring Your Printer
    Intelligent Service Event Alarm Event Control
    Notification via email and SMS
    The operator notes the dangershazard preventionincreasing the danger, and more
    Control of the CPUmemorydisk, and bandwidth and interface
    Built-in charts and reports (can be exported to HTMLPDFJPG)
    Web Client and Remote Client advanced functionality
    Works with WindowsLinux and Solaris
    ManageEngine OpManager 
    is staffed software for network monitoringIt  provides a combination of WAN control and application server with  built-in help panelmanagement and analysis of network trafficAutomates some tasks on the network control so that the idea of ​​it as it turns out wrong about the complex process.
    Professional versionManageEngine OpManager Professional Edition is designed to control an unlimited number of devicesSuitable for small and medium businesses


    It added:
    UP to 11.4.11400;
    a version for Linux;
    OpManager v11.4 Build No - 11400 (Oct 1st, 2014)
    UCS Monitoring:
    UCS Monitoring is an add-on that helps you to monitor all the Cisco UCSes and its components, in your data center. It leverages Cisco UCS XML API to monitor the UCS and instantly notifies you in-case of any fault via email & SMS. Apart from this, the UCS monitor also includes a 2D relationship map that helps you to visualize the relationship among the hosts, clusters, and VMs present in the UCS.
    Enhancements in network mapping
    Network mapping functionality in OpManager has got exciting enhancements such as
    LLDP Support – Helps to enhance automatic network discovery in multivendor networks
    Multiple Subnet Range support - Allows you to add multiple subnet ranges. This helps you to choose the desired network range and map them together
    Some of the other network mapping features that are newly included in Fluidic webclient are :
    SNMP V3 support
    Option to change Layout
    Export to visio
    Multiple Parent support
    Options to Edit, Update and Delete a network map
    Support for L2 Switch as Seed device
    SIEM Plug-in for OpManager (EventLog Analyzer)
    With the help of ELA Plug-in, you can now effortlessly manage terabytes of machine generated logs, monitor file integrity, conduct log forensics analysis, monitor privileged users, comply to different regulatory bodies and instantly generate variety of reports.
    It also offers Real-time Event Correlation with over 70+ out-of-the-box correlation rules for proactive threat management and triggers alert notification via E-mail & SMS or Program execution. In-addition you can also set alerts based on specific type of compliance violation for HIPAA, GLBA, PCI-DSS, SOX, FISMA, etc.
    OpStor Plug-in (Storage Management)
    OpStor Plug-in enables you to monitor the storage devices like Storage Arrays, Fabric Switches, Tape Libraries, Tape Drives, Host servers and Host Bus Adapters cards from all leading vendors in the industry. It provides a unified view of storage environment along with effective reporting which in-turn increases visibility and reduces the time taken to detect any faults.
    Storage Capacity forecasting helps you to predict the future storage needs by analyzing the usage & traffic utilization trends. Further, the OpStor Plug-in also provides topological map, real-time graphs & various reports on resource utilization, device availability and performance trends.
    Hardware monitoring support is now available for the Domain Controller category


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