Netsarang Xmanager Enterprise v5.0928 Incl Key

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    برنامج التحكم بالشبكات يمنح المستخدم تنفيذ الاوامر بشكل اسرع ونقل الملفات وتشغيل تطبيقات الـ 3D X أسرع والطباعة والوصول أو الاتصال الآمن عن طريق برامج SSH و Telnet وايضا الوصول الى الملفات عن طريق برامج نقل الملفات SFTP/FTP والكثير من الميزات الاخرى.

    Netsarang Xmanager Enterprise v5.0928 Incl Key

    Xmanager Enterprise is the complete network connectivity suite. It comes

    with a high performance PC X server that supports OpenGL (GLX) with 3D

    hardware acceleration, secure terminal emulator, file transfer client and

    LPD printer server. 3D X applications run faster on Xmanager Enterprise 4

    and provides secure access to remote terminal via SSH and TELNET

    convenient transfer files via SFTP/FTP, and printing remote documents

    locally with LPD. All applications in the Xmanager Enterprise package are

    designed to work together to ensure the highest level of

    interoperability. All applications are developed by NetSarang from the

    ground up, so you can expect expert technical support from our skilled


    o1 - Unpack the release into a directory of your choice

    o2 - Run the installer and install it

    o3 - Generate a key to unlock the software, and enjoy another AMPED


    o4 - As always, make sure to have a firewall to block outbound connections


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