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    برنامج تغير DNS للكمبيوتر أو لاتصال الانترنت بكل سهولة

    QuickDNS v 1.15 Change The DNS in 1 Click

    The music only served to increase the zip file size for this not to be so small.

    The music is the Stoneria and is called Scar.

    This small and simple tool allows changing very quickly the DNS servers that are using on your Internet connection, without any master more complicated setup process or having to change any Windows your parameter.

    They just need to enter the tools the inputs they intended to take, with a description and the IP addresses of the servers, and can activate manually either of them.

    The QuickSetDNS lets have defined various services and DNS servers and depending on the situation choose the one that best fits your needs.

    And because QuickSetDNS is a global tool to the system, they can choose which network interface, or another where they want to apply the change of DNS servers.

    The records they create will be kept in QuickSetDNS and so to change their interface in the tool they will be present.

    They can thus create specific profiles for each situation and need it only need to activate them.

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