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    بعد فك الضغط بيطلع معك ملف ISO للحرق على اسطوانة للاقلاع و ملف IMG للتنصيب على الفلاشة وملف البرنامج التنفيذي بحجم 164 ميجا

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    MemTest86 7.0/4.3.7 Pro Retail

    Program Version: 7.0 / 4.3.7

    Official website: PassMark® Software

    Language: English, German and other

    Treatment: not required

    System requirements

    UEFI BIOS or platform

    Windows, Linux or Mac OS

    CD-ROM or USB flash drive

    Description: Memtest86 - a utility designed for high-performance testing of memory on computers with x86 architecture. Thanks to our own boot loader program is testing out a "clean environment", ie It can work even when the system is loaded. Memtest86 works with almost any media (diskettes, USB, CD), and also supports all types of memory. Testing is carried out by means of an infinite number of cycles of inspections, while the user did not stop them


    MemTest86 7.0 supports dual boot loader (UEFI / BIOS). On machines that do not support UEFI-, the older BIOS MemTest86 4.3.7 will be automatically loaded.

    MemTest86 is a standalone program that does not require or use any operating system to run. Windows, Linux version, Mac, or used is irrelevant to the performance. However, you must use either Windows, Linux or Mac, the order to create a bootable CD-ROM, floppy disk or USB drive. Packages for Windows and Linux / Mac are the same for compression and installation methods except.

    MemTest86 will not work on older PowerPC Mac systems. It was January 2006, when Apple's, began the transition from PowerPC processors for Intel x86 processors. On machines previously 2006 year, will not work

    New Features

    Row Hammer Test (Test 13) now uses double-sided hammering and random data patterns in an attempt to expose more RAM modules susceptible to disturbance errors.

    PXE network boot is now fully supported (MemTest86 Site Edition only) to support scalable, diskless deployment to PXE-enabled clients. Like the Pro version, the configuration file (acquired from the PXE server via TFTP) can be used for customization and configuration of MemTest86 memory tests. Report files can also be uploaded to the server. Logging, however, is unavailable.

    Memory tests are run in Parallel CPU mode by default, if supported by the UEFI firmware. Running in parallel mode significantly decreases the test time as compared to running in single CPU mode and should also help to detect more errors faster. This was made possible after developing a work around for UEFI BIOS bug that prevented multi-threading on some machines.

    Added 'HAMMERPAT' config file parameter to specify the data pattern to use for the row hammer test. By default, random data patterns are used.

    Added 'HAMMERMODE' config file parameter to specify whether to use single or double sided hammering. By default, double-sided hammering is used.

    Added 'CPULIST' config file parameter to specify a subset of available CPUs to enable for the memory tests.

    Added 'DISABLEMP' config file parameter to disable multiprocessor support in MemTest86. This can be used as a workaround for certain UEFI firmwares that have issues running MemTest86 in multi-CPU modes.

    Added 'BGCOLOR' config file parameter to specify the background colour to use

    Added Portuguese translations

    Added Czech translations


    Added ECC support for different revisions of Intel Skylake memory controllers

    Fixed ECC detection on Intel Broadwell-H chipsets

    Changed how ECC errors are detected on Broadwell chipsets

    Changed how ECC errors are detected on Atom C2000 chipset

    Fixed incorrect channel/slot number being reported for ECC errors on E5 chipsets

    Added SMBUS (SPD) support for Intel Broxton

    Added SMBUS (SPD) support for Intel Airmont

    Added SMBUS (SPD) support for Intel Sunrise Point-LP

    Reduced the number of iterations for the Modulo 20 Test (Test 9) to decrease the test time

    Reduced the number of addresses to be hammered for the Row hammer Test (Test 13) to decrease the test time

    When no tests are completed, the test report now displays "N/A" as oppose to "PASS"

    The High Precision Event Timer (HPET) is now used to measure the clock speed, if available. Otherwise, the older Programmable Interval Timer (PIT) is used.

    The clock speed displayed in the RAM info is now the effective clock speed as opposed to the actual clock speed. The effective clock speed is twice the actual clock speed for DDR RAM.

    Speeds greater than 10000MB/s are converted to GB/s when displaying memory/cache speeds in the test screen

    Memory sizes greater than 10240MB are now displayed in GB

    Console is no longer forced to 80 x 25 if the current mode has a higher resolution

    Fixed issue with certain UEFI firmware when switching from console to graphics mode

    Fixed RAM benchmark chart title string overflow

    Various system info related updates/fixes (CPU)

    The ISO image is a folder for recording on the disc.

    The USB folder is located, and IMG image imageUSB program to create a bootable USB drive.




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