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    ElectraSoft Master Keystroke Logger Pro v13

    This invisible key logger software program records every

    keystroke that is typed on the computer and sends the log to you.

    Important information for site operators and other groups. By the

    first of April 2012 we will change our packaging ways to RAR/SFV

    and put the old ZIP/RAR/DIZ packaging to rest. It is long overdue,

    and this ancient way of packing has no meaning in 2012. We

    strongly encourage all other groups to do the same - and site

    operators, all you need to do is to add the 0DAY path to the

    SFV path of your setup, and your site will during the transition

    period do fine with both packaging standards. It's time to

    move forward.

    Unpack and install.

    Use the key generator to generate a valid serial.

    Enjoy this release!


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