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    السلام عليكم

    برنامج ادارة مراسي القوارب البحرية

    iMagic Marina Reservation v1.11

    Help automate the management

    your marina or dock, save time

    and energy and throw away that

    old pen and pad - it's seen

    better days! Add your slips

    docking information including

    rail slips, any width or

    restrictions, power or other

    details. Record reservations

    for each slip and for date

    periods, so slips can't be

    double booked, allowing you to

    see what slips are still

    available in advance. Add

    customer contact information

    and keep it together in one


    حجم البرنامج 12MB

    الرابط مباشر من سرفر البوابة للاعضاء فقط