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    برنامج تحسين جودة الصور الرقمية و خصوصا الصور المظلمة كما هو واضح بالصورة ادناه

    Advanced Photo Tools IDRMyImage v2.11

    Sometimes it is impossible to take a clear shot with no

    over-illuminated and under-illumimated areas. IDRMyImage is the

    solution to this problem.

    Take several shots with different exposure times and fuse them

    together using IDRMyImage.

    It is easy and fast with natural looking results and a dynamic

    range of tones. No artificial colors or structures are seen. In

    the application you can easily adjust several parameters of the

    fusion to get the best result.

    From the technique it is obvious that the algorithm works best

    on nearly static scenes. Moreover we strongly recommend using a

    tripod while capturing source photos.

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