برنامج اخفاء رقم الايبي والتصفح الخفي Awpersoft IP Swapper v2.0.0.2

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    برنامج تجاوز البروكسي والتصفح الخفي واخفاء رقم الايبي

    Awpersoft IP Swapper v2.0.0.2

    Awpersoft IP Swapper -- 1.3 Mb

    IPSwapper - Surf the web anonymously using proxy IPs. This software is to help concealing your Real IP Address by using one of hundred publicly available proxy IPs.

    Network proxy configuration is as simple as click and go (for IExplorer and Google Chrome. Firefox will need one time manual setting.).

    Includes several working proxy IPs to choose from. More free IPs around the world (updated every minute) are available to add to list.

    لتسجيل البرنامج

    Unpack, install and run.

    As the keygen itself is build in, use the following steps to activate

    PHP Code:

    replace all the text from "List in use" field with "trang1234"      
    (without quotes) and press <Enter>                                      
    2in the following dialog box type in "454545" and press Unlock button
    enter ProgramID value (from main windowto UserID field and press  
    "Calculate Code" button                                                
    enter "License Key" value to main program's "Register Code" field    
    and press "Verify" button 
    حجم البرنامج 1.2MB

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