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    برنامج لمقارنة المفات والمجلدات بخيارات واسعة وكثيرة جدا

    Scooter Beyond Compare v4.0.2 Build 19186


    Scooter Beyond Compare v4.0.2 Build 19186 + Crack

    Beyond Compare is focused. Beyond Compare allows you to quickly and easily compare your files and folders. By using simple, powerful commands you can focus on the differences you're interested in and ignore those you're not. You can then merge the changes, synchronize your files, and generate reports for your records.


    General Features

    Responsive, multi-threaded interface

    Multiple windows with tabs for each comparison

    Integrated into Explorer (Windows), Finder (OS X), and various Linux shells

    Save comparisons as sessions to easily load them later

    Automatically save sessions when closing them

    Save workspaces containing all open windows and sessions

    Home view with easy access to viewers and saved sessions

    View Unix patch files as a side-by-side comparison

    Text editor

    Script processor for automating tasks

    Command line interface

    Supports high DPI (retina) displays

    Automatic check for updates

    Drag & drop to start comparisons

    Customizable fonts, colors, and keyboard shortcuts

    Extensive context-sensitive help

    Dedicated support staff available via email, phone, and forums.

    Compare files

    Side-by-side display

    Color highlighting of differences within lines

    Display filters to show only differences

    Jump to next/previous difference within file or folder

    Printed and HTML comparison reports

    Unicode and MBCS support

    Thumbnail overview of comparison

    Can convert files before comparing them

    Compare files or clipboard contents

    Automatic backups when saving

    Table Compare

    Grid view

    Inline editing with dynamic recomparison

    Compare CSV, tab delimited, HTML tables, and Excel worksheets

    Ignore differences within numeric or date tolerances

    Ignore or hide unimportant columns

    Align based on key columns or all columns

    Rearrange columns to compare files in different orders

    Sort data before comparing

    Binary Compare

    Display binary files as hex

    Inline editing with dynamic recomparison

    Fast byte-by-byte alignment

    Limit display to differences

    Wrap lines to display

    Find & Replace

    Registry Compare PRO*

    Local and remote registry hives

    Registry exports (.reg)

    Inline editing

    Recursively expand keys in-place

    Picture Compare

    Many picture formats

    Flip, rotate, and scale images

    Multiple comparison types

    Thumbnail of pixels around the mouse cursor

    Ignore differences within an RGB tolerance

    Ignore replaced colors

    Zoom to show entire image automatically

    Other Comparisons

    Compare .exe version information

    Compare MP3 tags

    Can use third-party comparison utilities for unsupported files

    Compare Folders

    Compare folders side-by-side

    Color highlighting of differences

    Automatically compare subfolders and expand them in place

    Display filters to show added, modified, or matching files and folders

    Flexible comparison criteria

    Exclusion filters

    Dedicated synchronization commands

    Powerful file operations

    3-way folder merge PRO*

    Ignore folder structure

    Printed and HTML comparison reports

    Optionally follow symbolic links and NTFS junction points

    Align filenames with different extensions

    Align filenames using wildcard masks (e.g., "Apples*" => "Bananas*") PRO*

    Align filenames with different Unicode normalization forms (OS X vs Windows)

    Copy NTFS ACLs and DOS short (8.3) filename aliases

    Virtual File System

    Local and network drives

    Remote SMB servers (\\server)

    FTP servers

    Secure FTP servers (FTP over SSL and SSH SFTP) PRO*

    Cloud storage PRO*

    Remote Subversion repositories Pro only PRO*

    Portable media devices (Android phones, MP3 players, cameras) Windows logo

    Archive Files

    Compare and modify without extracting to a temporary location

    Compare as a file or expand as a folder

    Create, read, and modify

    Read only

    Save filesystem snapshots without content

    Version Control

    Launch comparisons from all major version control systems

    Checkin/checkout files via MSSCCI provider PRO*

    Compares Subversion repositories PRO*


    - OS: Windows® XP (x32/x64bit), Windows Vista® (x32/x64bit), Windows® 7 (x32/x64bit), Windows® 8 (x32/x64bit), Windows® 8.1 (x32/x64bit), Windows® 10 (x32/x64bit)

    Hardware Requirements:

    - Intel processor; 1 GHz or faster recommended

    - 1 GB RAM; additional memory recommended for large comparisons

    - 50 MB of available hard drive space

    - 1024 x 768 display resolution

    Requirements in details: Click here

    What's new in this version?

    Click here to see the list of ChangeLog

    Homepage - scootersoftware.com

    Install Notes:

    Install the App To default directory

    After the installation process DoNot R.U.N the app

    Use the provided "Crack.exe" to activate the app

    Enjoy [Don't Try To UpDate]


    x32 Bit Systemx64 Bit System

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