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    من اسهل برامج تصميم علب الاسطوانات والبرامج وقمت بدقائق بعمل تجربة عليه بكل سهولة والبرنامج محمول لايحتاج تنصيب

    Quick 3D Cover v2.0.1

    Quick 3D Cover is one of the most amazing products I have seen in this product category. Why? First, it is currently priced at $49.95 which is about half the price of its competitors. Second, with Quick 3D Cover, you load your product images (front, side, back) once, and then click on the different product options to immediately preview them in real-time. No delays. It's like browsing through an image catalog. Third, Quick 3D Cover comes with close to 100 different product shots ranging from the familiar book or software box (with many variations) to the uncommon such as combination shots of DVD cases and DVD, iPhones, monitors, clipboards and much more. Check out the samples :

    حجم البرنامج 32MB

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