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    برنامج التحكم بالاضاءة بحسب الصوت مثل الاحتفالات والمعارض الفنية والمشاريع المعمارية وذلك بدمج الصوت من الأنارة

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    Lightjams v1.0.0.289

    وصف الشركة

    Lightjams is a unique lighting control software making it easy to react to live events from music midi videos and more. Incredible interactivity and automation now possible and affordable Perfect for live acts art exhibits and architectural projects. Why you need it? Create your very own interactive lighting effects. Avoid tedious sequencing. Give control to performers. How it works? Compatible with any DMX lighting fixtures and LED controllers. Run on all Windows computers.

    Main Features

    Seriously, what's so special about Lightjams? It's all about handling all sorts of external signals and generating the lighting in real-time. The signals can be someone playing the drums and signing, or it can come from other devices sending pre-recorded messages via MIDI, OSC and DMX. With Lightjams, you have everything you need to create a fully interactive experience using the real-time features or a fully automated show using cuelists, scripting and scheduling. And one last thing, if you're into pixel mapping and merging video and lights, Lightjams can do wonders!

    Lightjams is used by hundreds of people right now in nightly events and permanent installations. All its great features and unique abilities make it a ridiculously good deal for all lighting professionals and enthusiasts!

    x64 Bit System



    x32 Bit System