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    Hexinator v1.0.8 x86 x64

    Hexinator is a powerful hex editing application aimed at experienced users, relying on a robust parsing engine to allow the thorough analysis of binary files. Its major advantage is that it can generate so-called 'grammar' files, which store information regarding previous analysis sessions, knowledge you have about the file, your personal comments and assumptions.

    Intuitive hex editor with advanced features:

    The hex code of the loaded binary file is displayed in a user-friendly, well-structured window that allows editing. The integrated search function enables you to quickly find the position of a text, hex code section, number, mask or string. Furthermore, you can navigate to a specific position from within the main window and export your data to text or XML format.

    Hexinator is compatible with various encodings, enabling you to choose the desired one from a drop-down menu. Thus, it is able to analyze all kinds of binary files, proprietary to various operating systems and applications.

    Generate or download grammar files:

    As mentioned above, grammar file include data regarding a specific file format. Hexinator comes with a rich predefined collection and suggests you to download the corresponding grammar file when a compatible format is loaded. This generous assortment enable you to modify and decode specific formats without effort.

    To ease your work even more, Hexinator comes with an integrated Python and Lua script editor to automate specific tasks such as modifying a file or a selection of bites and alter the structure of grammars.

    Powerful hex editor and file analysis tool:

    Hexinator keeps data regarding your past analysis sessions in grammar files, allowing you to resume work much faster. Furthermore, productivity can be enhanced using scripts.

    Advanced users will be glad to find out that Hexinator can also read checksum data (various hash types are supported), generate a histogram representation for each analyzed file to view frequent bytes and compression details, as well as perform code page comparison, helping you detect the encoding mode and code that are suitable for a specific byte sequence.

    Why Hexinator?

    - Edit files of unlimited size: Insert, change or delete in files of infinite size

    - Universal Parsing Engine: Create a grammar for your file formats and decode them automatically

    - Scripting Engine: Automate routine work with Python scripts

    - Powerful Tools: Compute checksums, decode numbers or display a histogram of binary files

    - Incremental Search: The advanced search lets you find text, numbers or masks

    - Free Grammars: Many grammars for various file formats can be downloaded for free


    x64 Bit System



    x32 Bit System