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    برنامج مراقبة الشبكة وكل صفحة انترنت يفتحها العميل ومعلومات اضافية مهمة ومفيدة جدا

    HTTPNetworkSniffer 1.51 Portable + Driver

    Software Version: 1.51

    Official website: NirSoft

    Language: Russian, English

    Treatment: not required

    System requirements

    The Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (x32 / x64)

    Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012 (x32 / x64)


    Free utility that is designed to capture all requests and responses exchanged between the browser (client) and the server over HTTP, and display the data in a table. For each HTTP request is given a lot of useful information, such as host name, the name of the request (GET, POST, HEAD), a response code, the agent (client program) and the type of content encoding, the name and address of the server, Cookie, and more. The data can be exported to HTML, XML, CSV or text file, copied to the clipboard and pasted into the document Excel. In the settings you can set parameters capture. The utility does not require installation.

    To work HTTPNetworkSniffer, you need to install WinPcap Capture Driver. (All versions Windows)

    For Windows XP install the Network Monitor Driver (WindowsXP-KB838079-SupportTools-ENU.exe)

    For Windows 7 / Vista / 2008. Install Microsoft Network Monitor Driver version 3.x

    All the drivers are in the folder driver

    HTTPNetworkSniffer now tries to load the dll of Network Monitor Driver 3.x (NmApi.dll) according to the installation path specified in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Ne tmon3. This change should solve the problem with loading the Network Monitor Driver 3.x on some

    توضيح حول تركيب الدرايفرات قبل تشغيل البرنامج

    لجميع انظمة الويندوز ادخل مجلد Driver وركب هذا الدرايفر WinPcap_4_1_3.exe


    اذا عندك ويندوز اكسبي ركب أيضا هذا الدرايفر WindowsXP-KB838079-SupportTools-ENU.exe

    أما اذا عندك ويندوز فيستا وسفن ومافوق ركب الدرايفر الموجود بداخل هذا المجلد Microsoft Network Monitor Driver version 3.x

    بتلاقي الملفات بحسب النظام عندك 32 او 64 ركب المناسب لجهازك

    وأخيرا اطلع من مجلد الدرايفرات الى مجلد البرنامج بحسب النظام عندك 64 او 32 وشغل البرنامج المحمول HTTPNetworkSniffer.exe




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