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    3D Realistic Fireplace 3.0

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    3D Realistic Fireplace 3.0 -- 11 MB

    Virtual fireplace to your Windows desktop and enjoy 3d animated screensaver free video graphics of wood burning fire place, sparkles and smoke. 3D animated fireplace screen saver brings the irresistible charm of an open wood burning fire on your Windows desktop instantly. You won't believe how realistic the video screensaver quality is, and the crackling fire sounds perfect. With 3D fire screensaver, you can now have the warmth, ambiance and romance of a free fireplace, wherever and whenever you want. Just download one of most realistic virtual fireplace screensavers to enjoy dancing flames on your computer. Provide an unmatched elegant look of a real wood fire and supply charm and comfort to your home or office year round. It looks better than the real video tape! The 3D computer graphics deliver genuine flame realism and bring the beauty of burning logs to monitor of your computer or widescreen TV. This dancing flame screen saver comes with controls that allow you to change types of virtual fireplaces and adjust the animated flame ambience from roaring flames to glowing embers to suit any mood.

    You will hear sounds of the snap, crackle, and pop of a roaring fire and in the warm glow of the firelight, recreate the atmosphere of those memorable gatherings around the real camp fire.

    Add animated crackling fire screen saver to your virtual Windows desktop. 3D animated free fireplace screen saver is an indispensable part of any virtual fire fan's collection!

    -Animated Burning Logs, Smoke and Sparkles

    -3 Unique Fireplace Type Backgrounds

    -6 Unique Fireplace Materials

    -3 Unique Fireguards

    -3 Different Flame Colors

    -Adjustable Flame Decay

    -Variable Flame Width

    -The crackly fireplace sound

    Computer Requirements for the Virtual Program

    Minimum Computer Requirements

    Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/98/95

    OpenGL 1.1 or higher

    Processor Pentium 550

    Memory of 64 Mb RAM

    5 Mb free disk space

    video 3-D accelerator with 16Mb of RAM

    Recommended Computer Requirements

    Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/98/95

    OpenGL 1.1 or higher

    Processor Pentium 750

    Memory of 128 Mb RAM

    5 Mb free disk space;

    video 3-D accelerator with 64Mb of RAM

    Stereo sound card

    This Computer Fireplace Software works both on old computers under Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000 and new computers under Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit).

    Install Instructions

    1.Run exe.3D realistic fireplace

    2.When asked enter serial from serial folder






    1.start D.A.

    2.open the sequencer (Shift+S)

    3.add a new tank with the "Custom Backdrop"

    4.click "Change Background"

    5.click "Use Background Image"

    6.click "Select Image File"

    7.browse to, and select the image file you wish to use as background

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