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    Cimatron 14 Official x64 14.0000.1566.513 [2018, ENG]

    Cimatron Requirements
    Note: Only 64-bit operating systems and hardware are supported.
    Recommended: Quad-core 64-bit processors (Intel core i7 4th generation and up).
    Memory (RAM):
    Minimum: 8 Gb
    Recommended: 16 Gb
    Large Tooling assemblies: 32 Gb
    To gain better I/O performance, it is recommended to use a solid state hard Drive (SSD). Windows and Cimatron should be installed on the SSD.
    Data files should be kept on a different hard drive, local or network based.
    Graphics Card:
    Cimatron will test graphics compatibility during as it installs. As of version 14, the graphics card must support OpenGL 3.3.
    The graphics compatibility test can also be ran from the Ciamtron external control panel.
    Graphics Memory:
    Minimum: 1 Gb of memory
    Recommended: 2 Gb of memory
    Quadro cards from NVidia and FireGL/FirePro cards from ATI are the most recommended cards for CAD/CAM software.
    The performance of graphics cards is tightly related to driver version and memory size. The newer the driver and the greater the memory, the better the graphics card performance.
    For known card and driver combinations, see the Cimatron website:

    PHP Code:
    Cimatron 14 Official x64

    3 Button mouse
    Recommended: 1000mbps from server to switch.
    Recommended: 100mbps from switch to CAD workstations.
    Hubs are ok, but switches are much better for efficiently managing network traffic.


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