برنامج Cameyo 2.5.1071 Portable لتحويل البرامج الى نسخة محمولة

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    • Sep 2018
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    لا اعرف ان كان البرنامج موجود من قبل بالبوابة ولكن بحثت ولم اجده وهذا هو بين يديكم

    وظيفة البرنامج هي عمل نسخة من اي برنامج تنصيب عادي الى برنامج محمول

    Cameyo 2.5.1071 Portable

    Cameyo 2.5.1071 Portable -- 17.3 Mb

    Cameyo the program creates a PORTABLE version of virtually any program. With this software, you can always take your applications and data. Use your application, on any computer. Get rid of the software, which requires the installation process, keep your system clean.

    Virtual application (or a portable app, portable) - this is the only EXE file that stores the entire application, including files, DLL's and registry entries. Virtual application (portable program) may be copied and moved as a regular file and can be run without installation: at home, in the office, from removable media USB, on a laptop on the network. Portable programs can be run without installation and reconfiguration.

    Using virtualization, you will no longer need to re-install your apps again and again every time you move from one computer to another. Virtual portable applications also remain stable operation of your computer by isolating applications from the system.

    Cameyo 2.5.1071 Portable -- 17.3 Mb

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