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    iSpy + Portable -- 19.7/19.1 Mb

    iSpy uses your webcams and microphones to detect and record movement or sound and provides security, surveillance, monitoring and alerting services. Any media that is captured is compressed to flash video and made available, securely over the web. iSpy can be setup to run on multiple computers simultaneously. iSpy is free, open-source software, so if you want it to do anything else, please download the source code and customise it to your requirements.

    With iSpy you can:

    Connect and monitor as many cameras and microphones as you like. Import and export object lists to share with colleagues.

    Connect multiple computers in a group and manage over the web

    Install iSpy Server and publish your webcam to other instances of iSpy, over your network and to the web

    Detect, highlight, track and record movement

    Detect loitering

    Customise movement detection areas on your cameras

    Detect and record sound

    Run any program or send an email or SMS alert when movement or sound is detected

    Run any program or send an email or SMS alert when movement or sound is not detected (monitor machinery or staff activity)

    Receive email movement alerts with attached frame grab images from your webcams

    Periodically receive image grabs via email from your webcams

    Connect to any device, even webcams attached to other computers with JPEG, MJPEG, IP Cam, webcam and AVI file support

    Watch live and recorded media over the web (through this website) and also via mobile devices

    Access and control iSpy remotely

    Password protect iSpy and hide it in the System Tray

    Schedule sound and video capturing to start and stop automatically

    Time-lapse record from any camera

    Motion track and count moving objects

    Connect multiple instances of iSpy and iSpy server running on different computers to this website and view all aggregated media online

    Create groups, invite friends and share access to your webcams and microphones

    Receive email alerts if your connection goes offline

    Download the source code and customise it to your own requirements!

    iSpy + Portable -- 19.7/19.1 Mb

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