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    السلام عليكم

    البرنامج الاحترافي لاصحاب استديوهات التصوير لتنقية الصور و تصحيح التجاعيد والبشرة الغير نقية والكثير من الميزات

    العمل او الاكتشاف التلقائي للوجوه:

    - تحديد تلقائي لـ 24 من الملامح الرئيسية للوجه مع ضبط يدوي لضمان الدقة.

    - العيوب - الكشف عن التجاعيد وغيرها من عيوب البشرة الواضحة وإزالتها بذكاء.

    - كشف ما يصل الى 20 وجه في الصورة الواحدة. وهناك أداة التخطي وتسمح بتعزيز بعض الوجوه في الصورة بينما يتم تجاهل الآخرين.

    اسم البرنامج

    ArcSoft Portrait Plus v1.1

    This product works really well. If you have a portrait where the faces are aimed at the camera you probably won't have to do any adjusting. For people with normal complexions, you may not need to go any further than a quick pass through Portrait+ and your retouching is done. For previewing images with your client or "light retouching" as stated earlier, it's perfect. The batch processing and speed at which it gets the work done are very big pluses.

    "Having tested just about every auto-retouching software on the market, ArcSoft Portrait+ has some very nice features that will appeal to photographers who want to retouch one or several photos quickly."

    "fantastic program ive been using it awhile now u can take a photo of a very plain lass and make her look like a model"

    Automatic detection with unmatched precision
    • Automatically pinpoint 24 facial key features with manual fine tuning to ensure accuracy.
    • Blemishes, wrinkles and other obvious skin imperfections are detected and removed intelligently.
    • Detect up to 20 faces in one photo. A skip face tool allows some faces in a photo to be enhanced while others are ignored.