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    Delete Duplicates for Outlook v7.2

    Delete Duplicates for Outlook enables you to delete duplicate e-mail messages from your Outlook mailboxes. It is a add-in, i.e. an auxiliary program that interfaces with Outlook, can operate in and on the Outlook environment, and provides functions that Outlook itself does not provide. Why the need for this program, since if you see duplicates you could delete them yourself? The answer is that many people now conduct much of their professional and personal communication -- indeed much of their professional and personal lives via e-mail, and some people use Outlook as their filing system for correspondence. This leads to a situation in which people have hundreds or thousands of Outlook mailboxes on their computer,containing thousands or tens of thousands of messages, and this can make it difficult or impossible to even spot duplicate messages, especially if they reside in different mailboxes.


    - Fast detection and removal of duplicate messages, contacts, calendar items, tasks, journal entries and notes

    - 3 major scanning methods - Compare messages by content (Standard), by part of the content (Special) or by the message-id's (Light)

    - Exclude/Include message headers from comparison / Compare headers by title and/or content

    - Compare attachments and embedded files / Compare attachments and embedded files by name and/or content

    - Originals Detection Rules

    - Cross-mailbox scan - Compare for duplicates across several mailboxes

    - Prioritize mailboxes - Decide where to keep the originals

    - Filters will let you narrow and speed up the search

    - Automatic action - Determine what to do with duplicates: Delete, Move, Wipe or Open

    - Manual action - Display Results

    - Support for Outlook versions: 2000/2/3/7/10

    - Use of Regular Expression

    - Stats - Track keyword occurrences inside duplicates

    - Additional scanning options & optimizations

    - Wizard-free, friendly & intuitive interface - Features mailboxes-tree panel & mailbox-information panel

    - Background scanning

    - Scan on Schedule Service

    - Sequential mailbox access

    - Unicode support

    and much more...

    Supported OS

    Windows All

    متطلبات عمل البرنامج ان يكون لديك كمبيوتر :biggrin::wow:

    To use Delete Duplicates for Outlook you must have the following:

    o IBM PC or compatible.

    o Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8.

    o Software: Microsoft Office Outlook 2000/2002/2003/2007/2010.

    o Administrator privileges for the installation.


    حجم الملف 5.5MB

    Download للاعضاء فقط