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    1-Click Duplicate Delete for Files v1.11

    1-Click Duplicate Delete for Files

    How much space is wasted on your hard disk? This software will tell you and can remove all these duplicates. At the same time it will protect other installed programs and the operator system from dangerours changes. And all of that with just one click and within seconds.

    Delete duplicate files with a single click

    One click and all your duplicates will be safely recognized and removed. You decide where and how. (And if you prefer, you can get asked for confirmation first, of course.)

    Advanced mode (everything can be configured)

    For pros the program has the option to configure lots of details and to define what a duplicate actually is. But that's optional of course.

    A bit slower than the competition. Because we compare EVERYTHING.

    Perhaps we need 2 seconds more. But for that we're comparing everything exactly, including the contents of the file. Your files should be worth that to you.

    Supported OS:

    Windows 8, 7, Vista, 2003, XP, 2000


    حجم البرنامج 2.3MB

    رابط مباشر من سرفر البوابة للاعضاء فقط