برنامج للكتابة بالماوس بدل الكيبورد Comfort On-Screen Keyboard Pro v7.0.3

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    اسم البرنامج

    Comfort On-Screen Keyboard Pro v7.0.3

    Comfort On-Screen Keyboard (Multilingual) is an application

    displaying a unique virtual keyboard on the screen and allowing

    you to use the mouse pointer or the touch-screen to type the

    way you do it with the hardware keyboard.

    Ideal for using on Tablet PC, Touch Screen, Panel PC and kiosk

    Comfort On-Screen Keyboard supports all characteristics of the

    regular keyboard and has additional advantages:

    Customizing on-screen keyboard look (the position, size and

    number of keys, the color and the skin) with the possibility to

    select it from a large number of available templates (without

    having to buy a new keyboard )

    Word auto-complete function completes words you are typing

    on the on-screen keyboard.

    Displaying characters actually typed in any language, which

    allows you to type text without a localized keyboard.

    Auto-repeat function (when a key is pressed and held,

    virtual desktop keyboard enters and continues to enter the

    appropriate symbol at regular intervals until the key is


    Gestures function support (fast entering of capital

    letters, spaces, etc.).

    Quick switching between languages (when you use more than

    one language layout).

    Displaying the icons of shortcuts of Windows and popular


    Color areas for fingers (if necessary) in case you learn to

    touch type. It is convenient because when you press a key, you

    can see it pressed on the onscreen keyboard!

    Comfort On-Screen Keyboard can also help people who do not know

    how to type. Keyboard on the touch screen will help you control

    the process of typing without moving your eyes from the

    keyboard to the monitor and back all the time. It will decrease

    the strain on your eyes and neck and, as a result, will help

    you avoid headaches.

    Comfort On-Screen Keyboard is convenient to use as a shortcut

    reference for applications. Having a visual shortcut reference

    at hand, you will be able to use the keyboard more effectively

    and considerably speed up your work.

    1) Unpack and install.

    2) Use the key generator to generate a valid serial.

    3) Enjoy this release!


    حجم البرنامج 3.5MB

    Download للاعضاء فقط