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    حزمة WinROAD هي أداة برمجية قوية لحل المشاكل الطوبوغرافية ، ونمذجة التضاريس ثلاثية الأبعاد ، وتصميم الطرق وتصميم الشبكات التكنولوجية. تتكامل وينرود مع برامج STS الأخرى التي تشكل بيئة تصميم متكاملة (A.P.I.) والتي تسمح بإدارة موحدة لجميع مراحل المشروع في العمل.

    S.T.S. WinRoad 2018 v23.1.1.2641 repack

    The WinROAD package is a powerful software tool for the resolution of topographical problems, 3D terrain modeling, road design and technological network design. WinROAD interfaces and integrates with other STS programs constituting an Integrated Design Environment (A.P.I.) which allows unified and automated management of all project phases of a work. WinROAD boasts, among many features, some innovative features. One of these is certainly that to be an application of WinCAD, a powerful 32-bit three-dimensional CAD specially developed by STS for the engineering technical drawing. This allows the user to "mix" according to their needs, the controls of the road procedure with those fixed by the CAD. Thanks to this particular feature WinROAD allows you to get highly professional graphics, without having to resort to cumbersome data interchange operations, through DXF files, between the road procedure and the external CAD.




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