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    159 كتاب عن كيف تصنع كل شيء في منزلك How To Do It Yourself - 159 PDFs

    30 Quick Fixes For Everyday Disasters
    4x8 Utility Trailer-Drawings
    4x8 Utility Trailer-Instructions
    A Guide To Building Outdoor Stairs
    About Bathrooms
    About Kitchens
    About Pvc Windows
    Actions To Prevent Flooding Around The House
    Add A Radiator
    Add A Wall Light
    Adding A Socket
    Air Bricks
    All About Decking
    Artex And Plaster
    Backyard Pond
    Basic Plumbing
    Bonus Utility Trailer Plan
    Boxing In Pipes
    Brick Bonds
    Bricklayers Tool Kit
    Build A Brick Barbecue
    Build A Carport
    Build A Shed
    Build A Shower Cubicle
    Building A Basic Cupboard
    Building A Dry Stone Wall
    Building Regulations Electrical Safety Jan 2005
    Building Traditional Casing For New Windows
    Built In Storage Space
    Cement & Mixes
    Ceramic Tiles For Worktops
    Change A Door Handle
    Changing Taps
    Closing And Opening An Existing Fireplace
    Colour Combinations
    Colour Schemes
    Consumer Unit
    Cornices And Coving
    Corrugated Sheet Roofing
    Create A Town Garden And Patio
    Curing An Air Lock In A Hot Water Pipe
    Deck Marking
    Deck Post Holes
    Deck Structural Design
    Decking Steps
    Design,plan & Fit A Kitchen
    Designing Your Garden
    Different Types Of Hammers
    Diy Q&A
    Dormer Building
    Dry Rot & Wet Rot
    Earth Bonding
    Electrical Safety
    Fit A Bath And Wash Basin
    Fit a Toilet and Bidet
    Fit Extra Electrical Sockets
    Fitting A Mortice Latch
    Fixing To Lathe & Plaster
    Fixing To Plasterboard And Plasterboard Fixings
    Foundations For Light Garden Walls
    Garage Floor Insulation
    General Do It Yourself Safety Comments
    Gun Applied Sealants And Adhesives
    Handrail Anatomy
    Hanging A Door
    Hanging Wallpaper
    Heat Guns
    Home Security
    How A Lighting Circuit Works
    How To Avoid The Cowboy Builder
    How To Build A Deck
    How To Build A Raised Formal Pool
    How To Build A Retaining Wall
    How To Construct A Suimple Garden Pond
    How To Hang Wallpaper
    How To Install Pvc Downpipes
    How To Repair Faucets(Taps)
    How To Wire A Plug
    In-Ground Pool
    Indoor Lighting
    Install A Fireplace
    Install An Electric Shower
    Install Guttering
    Installing A Peephole
    Installing A Pre-Hung Door
    Installing Deck Boards
    Installing Deck Joists
    Installing Deck Posts
    Installing Deck Stairs
    Installing The Deck Ledger
    Installing The Deck Railing
    Laminate Flooring
    Lay A Laminate Floor
    Lay A Pebble Path
    Lay Carpet Tiles
    Lay Paving Stones
    Laying A Brick Walkway Or Patio
    Laying A Deck Straight
    Laying Stepping Stones
    Lining Paper
    List of Books
    Man-Made Board
    Matching Sand And Cement Mixes
    Measuring And Marking
    Metric And Imperial Conversions
    Outdoor Lighting
    Paint Effects
    Painting A Ceiling
    Painting A Door
    Painting Ceramic Tiles
    Painting Interior Panel Doors
    Painting Interior Walls
    Painting Problems
    Painting Tips & Secrets
    Pests Around The House
    Planning A Deck
    Planning A New Internal Partition
    Planning Permission And Building Regulations
    Plumbing Care And Repair
    Pointing Brickwork
    Producing Drawings For Planning Permission
    Pvc And Polycarbonate Roofing
    Radial Circuit
    Remove A Radiator
    Removing Or Plastering Over Artex
    Renovating Wood
    Repairing A Dripping Tap
    Replace Broken Tiles
    Replacing A Brick
    Safe Diy
    Sandpapers No2
    Shelving And Storage
    Size Conversion Charts

    عدد الكتب: 159 صيغة: PDF اللغه: انجليزي


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