Ontrack EasyRecovery Professional Final 2015

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    Ontrack EasyRecovery Professional Final

    Year / Release Date: 2015


    Developer: Copyright © 2015 Kroll Ontrack Inc.

    Developer website: krollontrack.com/data-recovery/recovery-software

    Bit: 32bit, 64bit

    Language: English Russian

    Medicine: Present

    System requirements

    Supports: Microsoft Windows® 95, Microsoft Windows® 98, Microsoft Windows® NT, Microsoft Windows® ME, Microsoft Windows® 2000, Microsoft Windows® XP, Microsoft Windows® Vista™, Microsoft Windows® 2003, Microsoft Windows® 7/Windows 8, Windows® 10, and all versions of Microsoft Windows® Server

    Easy-to-use, fully automated wizard that walks the user through the program

    Data protection through standard write system API, which minimizes the chance of disk corruption

    Proactive monitoring of hard drive health (HDD/SSD

    Securely and permanently deletes data

    Supports recovery of VMDK files stored on local file systems (Enterprise Edition

    Supports permanently deleting files and folders from a virtual disk (Enterprise Edition

    Recovers data from FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS 5 file systems

    Recovers data from Linux Ext2/Ext3 file systems

    Network support for recovering remote systems (Enterprise Edition

    Hardware RAID and software RAID recovery, including stripe sets and mirrored drives (Enterprise Edition

    Recovers from an emptied recycle bin, command line and from within Windows Explorer

    No file and drive size limitations associated with a DOS based programs

    Formatted drive recovery

    Lost partition recovery

    Can recover files based on unique signature allowing for recovery from RAW data

    Recovers from all types of digital media, HDD/SSD drives, flash memory devices, external USB media and all other types of removable media

    Preview files before recovery

    Supports SATA/IDE/SCSI

    Supports CD/DVD media recovery (ISO9660/UDF combined with ISO9660) and Oracle® Linux media (Ext2/3

    x32 Bit Systemx64 Bit System