Toshiba Satellite M35 Series DVD Recovery and Applications TK131 [2003]

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    Toshiba Satellite M35 Series DVD Recovery and Applications TK131 [2003]

    Year / Release Date: 2003
    Version: TK131 / CL1649-2
    Developer: Toshiba
    Developer site: *
    Tabletka: not required
    System requirements: Toshiba Satellite M35-S359
    Description: Factory Drive for Toshiba Satellite M35 Series (M35-S359)
    MD5: f2b21f4c1629ea1af21ba9de7941dd3a
    SHA1: a18d9237c99b45d78d2b3dd92b27bff0262f1f99

    Add. Information: The embedded DVD-ROM will allow you to completely restore or selectively reinstall the software on your Toshiba computer. It will not work on other computer systems. Below are complete system recovery instructions. For instructions on reinstalling individual applications, utilities, or drivers, insert the DVD into the DVD drive and follow the on-screen instructions. Full installation may take more than 1 hour.

    PHP Code:
    1. Put a DVD in the DVD drive.
    2. Turn on the computer while holding down the “C” key (release the “C” button when “Toshiba” appears on the screen).
    3. The computer will format the hard disk and install the factory image.
    4. After the process is completeeject the recovery DVD and press any key to restart the computer
    Once you have started the process, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO STOP IT.
    You can seriously damage your system. Applying full system recovery from this media will reformat the hard disk, and all the information on your hard disk will be deleted.
    Then you will need to reinstall any software that is not included in your system at the time of purchase.

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