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    CnW Recovery 5.21

    CnW Recovery 5.21 | 10.7 Mb

    CnW Recovery is a program to recover and restore data from all CDs, DVDs, hard drives and memory chips. It recovers data from damaged and corrupted disks, memory chips, CDs and DVDs. It optionally provides a large amount of forensic analysis of the media including partial files, deleted files as well as data stored in unallocated space.

    The comprehensive program is configured with many options ranging from basic data recovery of CDs, and camera memory chips, up to full and automatic forensic analysis of most media. Full logs are created for the forensic applications, along with data hashing for security to verify that data has not been changed since restored.

    The basic functions of CnW are to list the disk properties, and to recover the data in one of several possible ways. Where ever possible, the program will determine the best mode of operation, but this can normally be overridden where the user has determined that a different mode may be more appropriate. CnW can be used to recover data from almost any Windows compatible storage device including the following

    Hard disk drives

    RAID 0 and RAID 5* configuration

    LBA48 compatible, ie disks/RAIDs larger than 2TB can be read

    Floppy disks

    CDs and CD-RW

    DVD and DVD-RW, including mini DVD

    Iomega Rev drives

    Optical disks

    Flash memory

    Camera memory

    Thumb drives and Pen drives

    Jaz drives 1GB 2GB

    Zip drives 100MB, 200MB, 750MB

    Disk Image files



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