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    OSForensics v2

    Description: OSForensics is a new digital investigation tool which lets you extract forensic data or uncover hidden information from computers. OSForensics has a number of unique features which make the discovery of relevant forensic data even faster, such as high-performance deep file searching and indexing, e-mail and e-mail archive searching and the ability to analyze recent system activity and active memory. OSForensics can build and let you view an events timeline which shows you the context and time of activities. You can even recover data and files that have been deleted by users.

    • Recover Deleted Files: After a file has been deleted, even once removed from the recycling bin, it often still exists until another new file takes its place on the hard drive. OSForensics can track down this ghost file data and attempt to restore it back to useable state on the hard drive.
    • Search within Files: If the basic file search functionality is not enough, OSForensics can also create an index of the files on a hard disk. This allows for lightning fast searches for text contained inside the documents. Powered by the technology behind Wrensoft’s acclaimed Zoom Search Engine.
    • Search for Emails: An additional feature of being able to search within files is the ability to search email archives. The indexing process can open and read most popular email file formats (including pst) and identify the individual messages. This allows for a fast text content search of any emails found on a system.
    Release Name: OSForensics.-v2.-0.-10026.-Incl.-Patch.-Internal--MeGaHeRTZ

    OSForensics.v2.0.10026.x64.Incl.Patch.In ternal-MeGaHeRTZ

    Size: 42.70 MB & 42.70 MB

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    x32 Bit System


    x64 Bit System