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    German Grammar Course A1+ - A very structured approach

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    Understand the principles & patterns of the German language - explained by a native German speaker & language instructor
    Grammar is one of the pillars of language learning that people either love or hate. And often it is viewed as the necessary evil one has to tolerate to improve their language skills. But in truth there isn't any dividing line between grammar and everything else. As soon as you say a sentence, any sentence, there is grammar involved.

    Especially strongly inflected languages like German rely heavily on their structural patterns. It is these patterns that we draw rules from, which then have exceptions. Instead of going for rules and exceptions, in this course I want to show you the underlying patterns of the German language. If you can see the patterns, you don't need to study all the rules. Instead you will be able to understand their layout and therefore remember better which element to use in which context. The goal is for you to see the big picture.

    Although this course focuses on structure and grammar, I also included useful and commonly used vocabulary from various areas of life, primarily to give you good examples to strengthen your understanding of the language theory. Therefore, you can pick up quite a bit of vocabulary. In fact, the A1 level completion requirement of 500 words, laid out by the renowned German Goethe institute, is fully met. The vocabulary that is not specifically translated in the lectures can be found as a separate lecture right after the introduction of each section, read out and translated, so you have the option to study it beforehand and recognize it in the lecture.

    Combining the structure and the vocabulary taught in this course, you got everything you need to complete the A1 level in these two areas. Of course, you can also add your own vocabulary, and you will be able to construct your own sentences and questions. You will create fully identifiable sentence elements and connect them in ways to make your message clear and concise. This should be an excellent foundation for any further studies.

    The course is packed with knowledge, so in order to achieve good results, take it a lecture at a time, review it, and practice what you have learned. It is important to understand the content of each lecture as I often use structures from previous lectures in later ones. In order to get used to speaking the language, repeat as much as you can from the words and examples in German. That's the beauty of a video tutorial, that you can pause, go back and repeat as much as you like.

    I put a lot of thought into this course because I wanted it to be flawless, and frankly, I want you - the potential student - to be amazed. Not by a perfectly designed video course with all the right sounds, colours and lightning (I am no film maker after all) but by the things I can show you, and - in consequence - the things you can learn. I hope your experience will be splendid!

    What you’ll learn
    Understand, read and write German on a solid beginner's level.
    Identify units in German sentences, and understand how they are connected.
    Be able to combine a variety of sentence units.
    Recognize patterns in the language that will make it easier to study German.
    Use in-course exercises to apply and test your knowledge.
    Get all the information you need to complete the A1-level regarding grammar and vocabulary.

    Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?
    There is no previous knowledge required.

    Who this course is for:
    Beginners of German who prefer to study in a structured manner.
    Students of German who need to brush up on their grammar.
    People who study German for work or university and need clear and precise information.
    Speakers of German as a second language who mainly listen and speak and want to develop an understanding of the underlying structures.
    Students going into A2/B1 who want to make sure they covered everything up to this point and/or would like to review it.

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