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    Landmark enables the design of wellbore geometries for maximum contact with the most productive reservoir zones. Similarly, completions and interventions can be designed with an eye on long-term productivity. With Engineer’s Desktop suite of applications, the most sound and cost-effective wellbore schemes and paths can be engineered. Modeling fluid flow through complex completions is beyond traditional reservoir simulation and nodal capabilities because it should combine an accurate reservoir inflow with a highly detailed wellbore model.

    Faced with ambitious drilling schedules, reduced budgets, and more complex reservoirs, the exploration and production industry today requires a solution that brings together asset teams with the goal of faster, smarter, safer results. The one complete and integrated well construction software suite on the market is Landmark Engineer’s Desktop (EDT) 5000.14

    This application continually adds new science to help companies thrive in the age of drilling intelligence. Engineer’s Desktop (EDT) 5000.14 application runs on a shared data model, facilitating business process management and supporting the Well Construction Lifecycle through aiding in enhanced drilling operation efficiency. Thereby, allowing operators to take control of their well data, and through deep integration with the industry's broadest portfolio of well engineering solutions, help drive better well construction decisions.

    Engineer’s Desktop software contains the following application areas:
    Engineer's Data Model software - EDM Administration Utility, SQL Server Utility, Drilling and Well Services Data Migration
    Drilling Engineering - CasingSeat, COMPASS, StressCheck, WELLPLAN, WELLCAT, and Well Cost applications
    Data Management—OpenWells, Data Analyzer, PROFILE, and Real-Time View applications.


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          Please how to install it and make it work. I always get stuck with the database login. I can't find any SQL available database and even if i want to create one i can"t find it when i open any application (stresscheck for exemple