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    SmartSketch هو أداة تسمح لإنشاء الرسومات للمشاريع الهندسية المعقدة والخطط، والرسوم البيانية، والخطط الصناعية العامة، الخ

    Intergraph SmartSketch v05.00.35.14 SP1

    SmartSketch is a tool allowing to create accelerated sketches complex engineering projects manufacturing drawings graphic plans overall circuit circuit industry, etc.

    SmartSketch is a tool that allows you to create fast-track designs, complex engineering projects, manufacturing drawings, graphics, plans, diagrams, general industrial schemes, etc.

    SmartSketch allows you to create projects on the basis of the available templates (a kind of the Visio-for-engineers !!!), including:

    architectural plans, plans for areas and regions;
    Scheme networks;
    technical drawings;
    maps, atlases, maps directions.

    SmartSketch has built a library containing more than 7,000 standard symbols. the user has the ability to create their own library of symbols, if necessary



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