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برنامج DearMob iPhone Manager 3.3 لنقل بياناتك وملفاتك من الهاتف من وإلى الكمبيوتر

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    برنامج DearMob iPhone Manager 3.3 لنقل بياناتك وملفاتك من الهاتف من وإلى الكمبيوتر

    DearMob iPhone Manager is a tool designed to help you seamlessly transfer files to and from your PC as well as edit tracks
    , videos, podcasts or create backups for your important data. In the eventuality that you are a long time iOS user,
    then chances are that you gathered a lot of data on your device.
    Whether it is photos from the vacation you took in the past years or music that you downloaded over time
    having a manager can free up some space for more memories and perhaps, make your device work smoother.
    Enables you to transfer files to PC without having iTunes installed
    After a quick installation, you are required to connect your mobile phone to the computer via the USB cable. In case the app does not recognize it from the starts, then re-plugging the cable should be able to fix the problem.
    The program comes with a user-friendly interface that includes tabs to the data that you are most likely to access. Simply put, from the main window you can access contacts, podcasts, SMS, apps, calendar, books as well as the flash drive. In addition, you have quick links to the main functions of the tool, namely Photo Transfer, Music Manager, Video and Backup.
    The highlight of the tool stems from the fact that you can use all of the aforementioned functions without having to have iTunes installed on your computer.
    Supports two-way synchronization and editing the stored files
    It is worth mentioning that the tool permits quick transfers between your device and the computer with just one click. Moreover, you can easily create and edit backups of the data stored on your iDevice. In case you need to update the files on either of them, then you will be happy to learn that the tool is capable of two-way synchronization.
    At the same time, you can delete, add and edit pictures and videos on your iPhone without too much hassle. More precisely, you can edit the tracks' metadata, delete unwanted pictures or archive them for safekeeping just as easily.
    A straightforward utility for managing your iDevice more efficiently
    If you want to free up some space on your iPhone or iPad, but are not a huge fan of iTunes, then maybe you can consider giving DearMob iPhone Manager a try.
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    جزاك الله خيرا ولكن اسيريال المرفق لا يعمل ؟!
    هل من طؤسقة أخرى للتفعيل !
    البرنامج يبدو قوى جداً وأنا فى شدة الإحتياج اليه

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