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    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

    وطابت أوقاتكم بالخير والمسرات في ربيع المنتديات منتديات داماس

    برنامج BitRecover Lock/Unlock PDF Wizard 1.1 لقفل ملفات PDF بكلمة مرور والعكس

    وأحمي ملفاتك من أعين المتطفلين

    BitRecover Lock PDF Wizard it is a sophisticated software application is highly effective to secure PDF by password.
    This amazing tool is one-stop solution for all kind of PDF files issues. It is developed with easy-to-use and user friendly
    BitRecover for Unlock PDF, is an expedient tool to remove PDF password protection instantly from PDF documents,
    enable users to copy, print and edit protected PDF documents. Being a standalone utility, it works without installation
    of Adobe tools like Acrobat and Reader. The robust and user-friendly software has been programmed to assist all users in terms of restrictions, security and permission
    of PDF. PDF Unlocker facilitates its users to remove PDF password security with only a single click.
    BitRecover Lock PDF Wizard - It's guaranteed
    • Apply User password
    • Lock PDF from Printing
    • Lock PDF from Editing
    • Lock PDF from Copying
    • Supports all editions of Adobe
    • New PDF files created
    • Maintains data integrity
    • Self-Explanatory graphical interface
    • Compatible with all editions of Windows
    All-in-one BitRecover Unlock PDF File Software
    • Removal of PDF Restrictions
    • Assures data integrity
    • Support all PDF versions
    • Unlock a locked pdf file
    • Batch removal of PDF restrictions
    • Allow preview permission of PDF file
    • Offer option to save PDF file in new folder
    • Easy to use and install
    • No Adobe Acrobat or Reader installation requireinterface so that can anyone can utilize it smoothly. Resrict your PDF files
    , so it cannot be edited, copied or printed for illegal intensions. Quickly secure
    PDF with password from unwanted users.

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