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    Asoftis 3D Box Creator 1.2

    لتصميم إغلفة البرامج

    Regardless of the type of product you are selling, nowadays perception is everything.
    Therefore, the packaging you select for it does not only help you send a strong message, but it also plays a crucial role in
    how successful your product is. 3D Box Creator is a light utility that enables you to come up with appealing 3D images that can serve as packaging boxes for the software
    solutions you are selling via your e-shop.
    Easily and quickly creates 3D boxes
    Includes integrated graphic designs
    Allows you to quickly insert text and move it to the desired position
    Allows you to set a logo or shadowing with a single click
    Fully tested, tuned up and implemented in a production environment in PS Media s.r.o., the application created more than 90% of software boxes for the SHOP.INSTALUJ.cz online shop.
    For better navigation for the customer in the operating system, the application contains pre-set Windows icons, effect logos, such as
    PC-CDROM, DVD-ROM, PC Software, etc., and a barcode for the side.
    For an increased 3D effect of a colorful image background, you can modify the front or side using a shadow so that its rendering
    creates a better 3D effect of the box.
    The application contains pre-set graphic designs to assign them to different software items without any graphic design. You can
    enter a text in the box and locate it in the desired place so that the results look as professional as possible.
    Asoftis 3D Box Creator contains one main window which features all the controls. Everything is designed to make box creation effective and to allow box variety.
    The final box can be saved by clicking on its picture in the application. Your box products offer will get an attractive design and professional
    appearance, which will generate a greater numbers of orders.
    Images of the left and front side can be prepared in a different graphic editor and this application can be used to enhance them with a 3D effect.
    Supported operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8 (8.1), Windows 10

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