تحديث فلاتر Digital Film Tools All Plugins Bundle Oct 2016

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    With experience in creating visual effects for hundreds of feature films, commercials and television shows, we have created powerful plug-ins for photographers, effects artists, and video/film editors.



    DFT Composite Suite Pro v2.0v7 CE

    DFT FilmStocks v2.0v10 CE (New)

    DFT PhotoCopy v2.0v9.CE (New)

    DFT PowerMatte v2.1v2 CE

    DFT PowerStroke v1.1v3 CE

    DFT Rays v2.0v8 CE

    DFT reFine v2.0v8 CE

    DFT Tiffen Dfx v4.0v13 CE (New)

    DFT zMatte v4.0v6 CE


    * Adobe After Effects CS5 and up

    * Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and up

    * Adobe Photoshop CS3 and up

    * Apple Photoshop Lightroom 3 and up

    * Avid Symphony, Media Composer, Newscutter, Xpress Pro

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