خامات 3D للماكس وسينما فور دي - سجاد Dosch - Textures: Carpets

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  • سعد الدين
    المسؤول الفني
    • Sep 2018
    • 17494

    خامات سجاد للماكس والسينما فوردي

    Dosch - Textures: Carpets

    228 textures and bump maps carpets of high quality (of 2048 * 2048 pixel) in jpg.

    Bonus: 3D-model with textures files for s3D graphics (3ds, 3dsmax, c4d, dxf, vrml, lwo, obj).

    Dosch Textures: Carpets provides 228 textures for professional visualization of carpets and rugs in 3D-scenes.


    121 rug textures, each provided in 20 different color combinations - a total number of 2420 design variations!

    22 multicolor rugs.

    25 bump maps which can be used with the rugs or any other carpet.

    8 very detailed, seamless tileable carpet textures, each including the bump map.

    40 seamless tileable carpet textures for large floor areas, including the bump maps.

    12 textures to visualize tassles.

    BONUS: 3D-model of a completely textured rug in various 3D file formats (3ds, 3dsmax, c4d, dxf, vrml, lwo, obj).

    All textures are provided in a high resolution (up to 2048 x 2048 pixel) in the JPEG-format (with highest quality settings) - and can therefore be used in high-profile architectural visualizations. Please use the PDF overview (see near top) for a detailed content listing.

    The textures can readily be used in most 3D-animation and CAD applications: 3ds max, Lightwave3D, Cinema4D, Maya, Softimage, solid Thinking, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Studio Tools, FormZ and more.


  • boodyman
    عضو مُشارك
    • Dec 2018
    • 2

    جزاك الله كل الخير وبالتوفيق دايما البوابة ما شاء الله مميزة جدا جدا جدا ومفيدة فوق الوصف جعله الله فى ميزان حسناتكم
  • كمال بدر
    • Sep 2018
    • 4527

    جزاكَ الله خيراً أخي الكريم عن هذا الطرح القيم والنافع والمفيد ... تقبل تحياتي.

  • dahlous
    عضو مُشارك
    • Nov 2018
    • 18

    جزاك الله كل الخير وبالتوفيق