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    إن كلمة المرور المفقودة للويندوز الذي تم قفله هو أكثر مشكلات استرداد البيانات التي يتعامل معها المتخصصون.

    يمكنك عمل فورمات لمحرك الأقراص الثابتة أو إعادة تثبيت نظام التشغيل الخاص بك ، ولكن ذلك لن يمنعك من فقد بعض البيانات الجزئي ، والإعدادات الشخصية ،.

    كما أن ذلك قد يستغرق بعض الوقت. لكن هناك طريقة أسرع للخروج من هذا الوضع وحل المشكلة بسهولة .

    فقط قم بتشغيل برنامج Passcape Reset Windows Password عن طريق اسطوانة قابلة للإقلاع أو USB وإعادة تعيين كلمة المرور المنسية أو إلغاء قفل الحساب.

    إنها مسألة بضع دقائق! وستقوم بحل المشكلة بنفسك وبكل سهولة

    إن خوارزميات البحث عن كلمة المرور فريدة ولا تستخدم في أي تطبيق مماثل. بخلاف الأدوات المساعدة الأخرى

    فإن إعادة تعيين كلمة مرور Windows هي البرنامج الوحيد الذي يمكنه معالجة جميع أنواع حسابات Windows بشكلٍ صحيح.

    Lost password or locked Windows account is the most frequent problem data
    recovery specialists have to deal with.

    You could format the hard drive or reinstall your operating system, but that
    wouldn’t keep you from partial loss of data, personal settings, and extra
    headache. Besides, all that can take some time.

    There is a quicker and more elegant way out of this situation.

    Just run Reset Windows Passwords from a bootable CD or USB and reset the
    forgotten password or unlock the account.

    It’s a matter of a few minutes! Reset Windows Password is the most powerful
    solution for recovering or bypassing all types of Windows account passwords:
    user, administrator, Active Directory accounts, and domain users/admins.

    The program is designed specifically for an inexperienced user and is easy to operate.

    On the other hand, the password lookup algorithms are unique and not used in any similar application.

    Unlike other utilities, Reset Windows Password is the only program that can CORRECTLY process all types of Windows accounts.

    • Simple, intuitive graphic interface.
    • Resets and modifies passwords of local users and administrators, domain
    accounts, Active Directory users, DSRM account.
    • Enables and unlocks user accounts.
    • Disables the password expiry option.
    • Resets SYSKEY (with full user passwords re-encryption), as well as
    recovers SYSKEY plaintext password
    • Advanced password lookup algorithms (Artificial Intelligence attack,
    password recovery using Passcape tables, instant password recovery for the
    most accounts with fingerprint logon, etc.)
    • Dumps password hashes from SAM/Active Directory, domain cached
    • Supports all versions of NT-based Windows, including Windows 10.
    Microsoft accounts are fully supported as well.
    • Changes account type (from Microsoft Live ID to local), different flags and properties.

    • Backup user passwords, Windows registry, and Active Directory
    • All editions include the utility for creating a bootable CD/DVD/USB disk
    from the downloadable ISO file with the application.
    • Supports 32/64-bit Windows.
    • Large collection of IDE, SATA, SCSI, RAID drivers.
    • Support for BitLocker encrypted drives.
    • Detects several operating systems installed on the computer.
    • Supports non-English versions of Windows and passwords in national encoding.

    • Allows undoing changes made to the system.
    • Deletes passwords and other sensitive data from the computer.
    • Mounting virtual drives.
    • Searches for lost product keys and serial numbers.
    • Decrypts the Internet and network passwords.
    • Search for password-protected documents.
    • Detailed help.
    • And much more…

    System Requirements:
    1 GB of RAM, 64-bit compatible CPU, CD-ROM (DVD) or USB drive, OS based
    on Windows NT. The size of the bootable USB drive should be 256 Mb or
    bigger (it is recommended 2-32 Gb USB stick for better compatibility).

    مساحة الاسطوانة 250 ميجا تقريباً






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