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    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

    برنامج FreeFileSync من فئة البرمجيات مفتوحة المصدر
    يقوم بمقارنة ومزامنة المجلدات بسهولة وبسرعة سواء كانت هذه على جهازك الخاص أو على الشبكة

    • Compare files (bytewise or by date) and synchronize them.
    • No limitations: An arbitrary number of files can be synchronized.
    • Subfolders are also synchronized, including empty folders.
    • Network support.
    • Lean & easy accessible UI: Highly optimized for speed and huge sets of data.
    • Algorithms coded in C++ completely.
    • Focus on usability:
      • Only necessary functionality on UI: no overloaded menus or icon jungle.
      • Select folders via drag & drop.
      • Last configuration and screen settings are saved automatically.
      • Maintain and load different configurations by drag&drop, load-button or commandline.
      • Double-click to show file in explorer.
      • Copy & paste support to export file-lists.
      • Delete superfluous/temporary files directly on main grid.
      • Right-click context menu.
      • Progress indicators, status information and error reporting.
      • Sort file-lists by name, size or date.
      • Display statistical data: total filesizes, amount of bytes that will be transfered with the current settings.
    • Easy configurable commandline mode for automated synchronization.
    • Support for filesizes > 4 GB.
    • Option to move files to Recycle Bin instead of deleting/overwriting them.
    • UTC (coordinated world time) is used when comparing file times avoiding problems with time zones or daylight saving time.
    • Automatically ignore directories "\RECYCLER" and "System Volume Information" when comparing and syncing.
    • Localized German version available.
    • Delete before copy: Avoid disc space shortages with large sync-operations.
    • Based on wxWidgets framework => Portable to many operating systems.
    • Filter functionality to include/exclude files from synchronization (without re-compare!).
    • Include/exclude specific files from synchronization manually.
    • Create sync jobs via GUI to synchronize automatically (can be scheduled or executed directly).

    اسم البرنامج والإصدار: FreeFileSync 10.6
    تاريخ الإصدار: 12/11/2018
    الترخيص: مجاني
    الحجم: 16 ميجابايت

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