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    MIKE 11 GIS merges the technologies of numerical river modelling and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). It is developed as a fully integrated interface in the well-known and established ArcView GIS.

    The MIKE 11 GIS is developed by DHI in ArcView as an interface for the general hydraulic modelling system MIKE 11. The system is used for schematisation of the flood plains, as a basis for the model simulations, and for the post-processing of results to produce flood maps etc.

    MIKE 11 GIS is a pre- and post-processing module for MIKE 11. As an extension to ESRI ArcMAP 10.1 version and requires that ArcGIS is pre-installed. It assist setting up network, cross sectional and boundary files for MIKE 11 models, and can be used to present time series results and flood maps from MIKE 11 simulations. It also includes non point and point pollutant load estimation tools for MIKE 11 WQ simulations. A comprehensive time series data management capability is included.

    Fixed issues 2012 Service Pack 3:

    Please note that the service packs are accumulative, i.e. corrections and fixes released with a previous service pack are included in the newest service pack as well.

    - In rare cases the license system consumes a large amount of memory

    - Branch connections problem in MIKE 11 Network file. If a network file was imported to MIKE 11 GIS and the network after editions was exported back into a network file, the branch connections in the exported file could be wrongly defined in some cases.

    About MIKE by DHI software

    MIKE by DHI software is the result of years of experience and dedicated development. It transforms science into practice and gives you the competitive edge. MIKE by DHI truly models the world of water – from mountain streams to the ocean and from drinking water to sewage.

    Name: DHI MIKE GIS
    Version: 2012 SP3 (including ESRI ArcGIS 10.1 SP1)
    Home: *
    Interface: english
    OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven
    Size: 1.5 Gb


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