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    Acute3D ContextCapture Master

    Bentley Systems announces general access to the release of ContextCapture and ContextCapture Center. This release enhances the accessibility, scale, and quality of reality models that can be produced for use in BIM and geospatial workflows.

    Key capabilities include:

    - Integration of authentication with Bentley CONNECTION client.
    - Major Aerotriangulation optimization: now 2 times faster.
    - New Aerotriangulation settings: new positioning mode to use position data for adjustment.
    - Added aspect ratio and skew parameters to perspective camera model.
    - Updated BlocksExchange format: added tie points color, additional photo data (depth, exifData, component), additional block data (viewingDistance), and positioning constraints.
    - Added basemap feature in the 3D views of block and reconstruction. It allows the addition of background 3D terrains from Bentley GeoCoordination Services data or from local geospatial data.
    - Reconstruction: new processing setting - 'resolution limit' - used to clamp the maximal resolution.
    - Reconstruction: smart region of interest, that focuses on the area with significant resolution; maximal bounds still available as an option when resetting bounds.
    - Reconstruction: new tiling mode - 'Adaptive tiling' - that adaptively subdivides the reconstruction into boxes to meet a target RAM usage.
    - Reconstruction: correction of memory usage estimation during mesh texturing, reduced memory footprint -30%.
    - Export of 3D mesh with texture and level-of-detail to Cesium 3D Tiles format.
    - Fixed various issues in MasterKernel SDK, enhanced API: access to orthophoto/DSM options, touchup import, splitblock srs and origin properties, tiling default origin, masterItem remove, masterItem gesDescription.

    الحجم 503 ميجا مرفق ال Viewer و Capture Center و Capture وكل اصدار مع الباتش