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    Lazy Brush Set - 174 Photoshop Brushes in 9 Categories

    Lazy Brush Set - 174 Photoshop Brushes in 9 Categories

    Photoshop ABR | 174 Brushes | CS5+ | 104 MB

    9 Categories:

    Basic - brushes I use the most. Most of my paintings are made using those particular brushes .

    Clouds - a few dynamic brushes to paint skies, mist and smoke.

    Rock - perfect for rocks, ground and other rough surfaces.

    Water - splashes and brushes with wet edges - best if used with light paint on dark surfaces.

    Hair & Feathers

    Plants - a very big set of dynamic brushes for painting foliage. Most of them are hand-painted giving pictures a very nice and unified look.

    Details - all sorts of little things that add to the final image - seams, light effects, laces and trinkets.

    Textures - yummy grunge and garbage that will make those flat surfaces look interesting. Scratches, wrinkles, rust, pores, stains - all you'll ever need.

    Smudge - special brushes for blending. They give very interesting blur and displacement effects.




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