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    ستايلات جميلة جدا بطعم البسكويت :biggrin:

    Food – Photoshop layer styles are the best for your titles, buttons, shapes, etc. Styles are usable for any Text as well as on Shapes or Buttons.

    Food Photoshop Styles – Features

    All styles are made of 1 layer only

    Applicable with just one click

    Unique look and clean design

    Can be used anywhere

    ASL and PSD files included

    Applying Styles – Quick and Easy

    To start using these styles just double click the file food-styles.asl.

    Now look at the Style Palette in Photoshop and You should see there 8 new unique styles.

    To Apply the Style just select your text or shape and simply click on the Style to apply it.

    If you don’t have interest about install the complete pack into your Photoshop, You can just drag and drop one of the text from the included PSD file to your Design and edit it.

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