حول ملفات الكتب PDF الى اى امتداد تريده مع AnyBizSoft PDF Converter

OCR, Scan, Edit, Convert PDF, PowerPoint and DOC

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    يمكنك الان بكل سهوله ان تحول ملفات الكتب PDF الى اى صيغه تريدها فيمكنك ان تجعل الكتاب مجموعه من الصور او ملفات

    Microsoft Word ,Excel, PowerPoint بل و حتى الى ملفات TXT تستطيع فتحها بالنوت باد العاديه

    AnyBizSoft PDF Converter 250

    AnyBizSoft PDF Converter 2.0.0 Portable -- 11.85 Mb
    AnyBizSoft PDF Converter - is easy to use program that is
    specifically designed for converting PDF files into Microsoft
    Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, HTML and text
    documents. Just with a few clicks, you can convert PDF-files in
    the target format with amazing skorostyu.Ishodny appearance of
    text, images, and hyperlinks can be exactly stored in the
    generated Word, PowerPoint and HTML dokumentah.S AnyBizSoft PDF
    Converter, you can import about 200 PDF-files for a batch
    conversion, or select a specific range of pages.
    * Convert PDF files into editable Microsoft Word 2002-2010 format
    (. DOC,. DOCX)
    - Retain the original text contents, images, and format
    * Convert PDF files into editable Microsoft Excel 2003/2007/2010
    (. Xls,. Xlsx)
    * Convert PDF files into Microsoft PowerPoint 2002-2010 format (.
    PPT,. PPTX)
    - Retain the original format, layout images
    * Convert PDF files into a format HTML (. HTML)
    - Retain the original layout, format, and hyperlinks
    - Supports most popular browsers, like IE, Firefox, Safari and
    - Ability to determine the quality of images in the exported HTML
    * Convert PDF files into text format (. TXT)
    - Extract all text content from PDF files
    * Support format PDF 1,0-1,7
    * Convert the whole PDF document, or only a specific range of
    pages (all from - to, individual pages).
    * Batch mode conversion.
    * AnyBizSoft PDF Converter can also convert encrypted PDF files
    that are protected from printing, editing and copying.
    * For PDF files with password for opening, you must enter the
    password in the popup window, and then start the conversion.
    * A pleasant and friendly interface.
    What's new on version 2.0.0:
    1. Integrate PDF to Excel Converter;
    2. Don't require Microsoft Office Word and Excel to be installed;
    3. Support table recognition in Microsoft Word, Excel and
    4. Support both text and image hyperlinks;
    5. Export images from PDF files with higher quality and
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