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    صاحب الشرح : محمد معيدني

    ميرمج السكريبت : code cayon شركة أجنبية

    نسخة السكريبت : picturish 1.3

    الشرح بالفيديو:

    متطلبات التشغيل :
    PHP >= 5.4

    MCrypt PHP Extension

    PDO Extension (enabled by default)

    php_fileinfo Extension (enabled by default)

    MySQL, Postgres, SQLite or SQL Database Server.

    المميزات :

    Translatable – Picturish is fully translation ready. All you need to do is translate key – value pairs in a simple text file.

    Documentation – Picturish comes with in depth documentation that explains everything from installation to all the features.

    Ads – 7 integrated ad spots. All you need to do is paste your ad codes in admin area and picturish will do the rest.

    Analaytics – Google analytics are integrated right into admin area.

    Photo Hosting – Easily create a photo hosting site with massive feature set or just use it as a self-hosted image editing and hosting application.

    Dashboard – Advanced dashboard with feature set that rivals services such as google drive.

    Photo Editor – Powerful integrated photo editor allows the creation of new photos or easy editing of already uploaded photos.

    Admin Area – Picturish comes with fully-featured admin area, that allows you to manage your users, photos, ads and many settings such as maximum allowed disk space for each user.

    Sharing – Uploaded photos can be shared easily to all the most popular social services.

    Links – Each uploaded photo has direct, preview, embed, forum and more links generated for any use case.

    الديمو :

    التوافق : جميع الشاشات بما فيها الجوالات

    مثال التوافق : من

    حجم السكريبت : 41.30 MB

    DEMO :

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