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    بعد الصلاة والسلام على أشرف خلق الله رسولنا

    وحبيبنا محمد عليه أزكى الصلوات

    أما بعد فأقدّم اليكم اليوم هذه اللعبة بعنوان:

    Invention 2-HI2U

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    [ نبذة عن اللعبة ]

    While you were on the island exploring the underground laboratory

    the infection was busy spreading throughout the world. In this episode

    you have to go through a city populated by monsters in search of salvation

    aided by weapons that you will find during your travels

    The gloomy atmosphere, music and atmosphere

    and a crowd of walking meat will keep you on your toes!

    [ معلومات عن اللعبة ]

    Title: Invention 2

    Genre: Action, Indie

    Developer: Falcoware

    Publisher: Atriagames

    Release Date: 23 Sep, 2016

    [ معطيات عن الملف ]

    Format: ISO

    Size: 527 MB

    Language: Russian/English

    [ متطلبات التشغيل ]

    Minimum System Requirements

    OS: Windows XP and newer

    Processor: 2.0+ GHz

    Memory: 512 MB RAM

    Graphics: Integrated Graphics

    Storage: 500 MB available space

    Sound Card: Integrated Audio

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