فلتر الفوتوشوب Alien Skin Snap Art v4.0.0.360 Revision 24349

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    • Sep 2018
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    Alien Skin Snap Art v4.0.0.360 Revision 24349

    Snap Art is a really cool software tool that allows you to take a standard photograph and render it as a work of art such as an oil painting, pencil sketch or a watercolor. The results mimic the techniques used by veteran artists, such as the build-up of layered brush strokes and the augmentation of important edges. These characteristics make each piece of work look as if it were handmade versus generated by a computer.

    One of the things you’ll notice immediately with this version of Snap Art is the completely redesigned user interface, which helps you make visually stunning artwork more easily than ever. Everything in Snap Art 4 is faster and more responsive. Also updated the color scheme to help you focus on your photo, similar to other modern image editing tools.

    New additions is the visual preset browser;

    It shows what each preset would look like on your image before it’s even been applied. You can also save favorites and view your recently used presets with just the click of a button.

    يعمل الفلتر على احد هذه البرامج

    -Adobe Photoshop CS4 or newer

    -Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 or newer

    -Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 or newer



    x32 Bit Systemx64 Bit System

    حجم الملف 50MB

    رابط مباشر من سرفر البوابة للاعضاء فقط