فلتر عمل البومات صور الزفاف للفوتوشوب Album DS 9.1.5 for Adobe Photoshop CS-CC

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    • Sep 2018
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    فلتر فوتوشوب لعمل البومات صور الزفاف للفوتوشوب

    Album DS Design Software is the perfect design solution

    for albums of any style, magazine, coffee table, flush mount and even matted albums. It's compatible with any album from any manufacturer and is also great for any other photographic design need.

    Album DS is complete wedding album design software for the most demanding photographers who want to make more money by spending less time designing while at the same time delivering a superior product

    Album DS is an album design software compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS to CC, Windows and Mac OS X. It works integrated in Photoshop allowing for the creation of any photographic album or collage like invitations, posters, thanks giving cards, promos, senior and babies, communion, baptism albums, and of course it makes wedding album design easy but staying out of the crowd with your own style.

    With new version 9 of Album DS (design software for Photoshop) you may design an album by just dragging a template to the selected pictures. Album DS takes care of the main picture, used pictures and templates.

    It doesn't restrict photographers creativity and includes more than a billion design solutions combining the provided add ons.

    Completely integrated with Adobe Photoshop (CS, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6 and CC) works like a Photoshop toolbar



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