Nik Software Color Efex Pro 4.005 Win/Mac

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    • Sep 2018
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    فلتر للفوتوشوب للويندوز والماك

    يوفر لك البرنامج 75 مكون اساسي مساعد و 250 تأثير على الصور مع المعاينة

    Nik Software Color Efex Pro 4.005 Win/Mac

    Nik Software Color Efex Pro 4.005 (Win/Mac) -- 86 / 37 MB

    Nik Software Color Efex Pro a great plugin for Adobe Photoshop. This is a powerful set of filters for processing images, recommended anyone with a digital camera. The structure includes 75 plug-in filters, and 250 effects designed to enhance photos with color correction, retouching and many other operations. The set is designed for both professional designers and amateurs alike

    The plugin has a rich set of filters used to overlay multiple photographic effects and guided the pen provides a natural and intuitive way to edit digital photos, and the new module Selective allows photographers and graphic designers to apply filter effects to dynamically determine the stroke width and intensity

    Applying effects is simplified by the ability to preview images of large areas. Implemented improved control to control bright and shaded areas of the picture, the possibility of imposing restrictions filter. In addition, Nik Color Efex Pro can significantly improve the processing performance of series of images, as any of the filters with the same parameters can be directly applied to a group of images

    It all works very fine and helps create true scenic effects, especially if you like to shoot still life, landscapes and portraits. The very extent of the application of each filter varies very flexible, you can adjust not only the force of the impact, but the brightness, grain or tone. Gradational filters, you can stretch the image and turn as you like, which makes it possible to find the best option for the scenery, not fussed on the street in front of the camera and selecting the filters in a calm atmosphere, sitting at the computer

    In the new version of the plugin many new filters including Film Grain, Film Effect, Glamour Glow, Selective Contrast, High Key, Low Key, Polaroid Transfer, Cross Balance. Also, a new interface is designed as plug DigitalFilmTools expandable window size and viewing the images "before" and "after." Also worth noting is the new Selective Tool, which allows you to apply effects only to the selected image area

    New in Nik Color Efex Pro

    Compatible Smart Filter Color Efex Pro, which allows you to go back and "fine tune" images even after effects have been applied

    A new, resizable interface lets you easily preview post before and after image processing even on the largest screens, and quickly go to any range of unique tools for access to your workflow

    Technology U Point Control Points (Control Points) to make a simple selective add, change or remove the filter effect. U Point technology gives you real control over the selective application of higher image quality without requiring any complicated masks, layers or selections

    Unique photographic filters Selective Tool (Selective instrumental) allow you to quickly and easily customize any filter effect into your image. Layers and masks are created automatically, so you are free to create and experiment with his image

    New filters: Bleach Bypass, Cross Balance, Film Effects, Film Grain, Glamour Glow, High Key, Low Key, Polaroid Transfer, and Tonal Enhancer


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