TimeTracker Basic 2.5.1 Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop

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    • Sep 2018
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    TimeTracker Basic 2.5.1 Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop

    TimeTracker Basic 2.5.1 Plug-in

    Win/Mac | Photoshop CC - CC (2015) | Illustrator CC - CC (2015) | After Effects CS6 - CC (2015)

    Premiere Pro CC - CC (2015) | InDesign CC - CC (2015) | InCopy CC - CC (2015) | 23.6 MB

    Stop grumbling at your timesheet! There is now an automatic timesheet solution that's directly integrated with the Adobe Creative Cloud, and it's pure magic for creative professionals. TimeTracker automatically and privately captures your activity and produces a timesheet on demand. Developed by former Adobe employees for the world's top designers, you'll be impressed by the utter simplicity that makes it extremely fast (and almost fun) to do timesheets. This TimeTracker license lets you also capture your activity with Google Calendar; Exchange Calendar; Microsoft Word, PowerPoint & Excel; Apple Keynote, Pages & Numbers and more! The TimeTracker extension for Creative Cloud installs in seconds and you can get started immediately. What are you waiting for?!


    Notes :

    This version supports CC2017 and also includes performance upgrades and allows Teams to add/edit jobs. Also revisions to About and Preferences pages.

    Where to find it

    Navigate to Window -> Extensions. Click on "TimeTracker" to start the extension.



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