Double USM 2 Panel for Adobe Photoshop Win/Mac

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    • Sep 2018
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    Double USM 2 Panel for Adobe Photoshop Win/Mac

    Double USM 2 Panel for Adobe Photoshop (Win/Mac) | 4 MB / 12 MB

    Double USM doubles your sharpening control: you can set a Radius, an Amount and a Threshold for Dark Halos, and different ones for Light Halos. As Color-Correction expert Dan Margulis has demonstrated, Light Halos tend to be visually more offending and need to be toned down - both in their intensity (Amount) and in their thickness (Radius).

    Standard Sharpening

    A heavy handed pre-press default USM is 500-1 (Amount-Radius), that you can always tone down with Layer's opacity. Double USM gives a more natural effect with (400-1.5) for Dark Halos and (250-0.7) for Light Halos - about half intensity and half thickness.

    HiRaLoAm Sharpening

    Also known as High-Radius, Low Amount: used to give shape and sort of a 3D look. A starting point could be (50-50) for Dark Halos and (30-30) for Light Halos. As you see, the Radii are unusually high, while Amounts are below the values you would expect.

    Creative Sharpening

    With Double USM nothing prevents you from experimenting: a creative sharpening might imply a Standard USM for Dark Halos (say, 400-1.5) and HiRaLoAm for Light Halos (say, 30-50) in order to get the best of both worlds!


    Create and apply your own Sharpening Presets! Mind you, when it comes to Sharpening there are no perfect receipts nor absolute values: it always depends on the image's resolution, subject, and eventually on your own taste!

    Requirements: Photoshop CC - CC 2017



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